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Cellophil™ is a platform of novel polymers based on amino-acid groups. The platform polymers show superior biocompatibility and can be loaded with drugs for controlled release. More
25 and 50 mg diclofenac K film coated immediate release tablets More
Topical Diclofenac formulations for the treatment of inflammatory and painful conditions More
Fentanyl patch for the management of severe pain in patients who require continuous opioid analgesia. More
Adhesive Patch of 90 sq. cm. and containing as active ingredient 100 mg. of ketoprofen for the local treatment of traumatic injuries and extra-articular rheumatism More

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Powder spray providing a benign mucosal barrier over the entire throat, combating the reflux related symptoms of stomach acid and enzymes in the throat, utilizing a purified, organic, safe and effective natural compound. More
This unique therapeutic topical agent is capable of healing wounds/scars/burns and has many potential uses in the dermatological, dental and hospital/surgery market. More
We have developed an insulin confinement in polymeric systems for usage in the fabrication of a novel pharmaceutical. More
Proprietary computer-based techniques that open up drug design for more selective modulation of proteins of interest More
Researchers at the University of Strathclyde and King’s College London are developing ‘smart’ tattoos, a novel approach to glucose monitoring. These can be injected just under the outer layer of skin and constantly monitor molecular-level changes in gluco More
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Medical device for targeted topical delivery of liquid, frozen or lyophilized formulations provides an alternative delivery method to syringes
Our European client has a Class I medical device (CE marked) for the targeted transdermal administration of liquid substance. More

Seeking channel partners to expand distribution and marketing of information management software systems and services to Europe’s healthcare industry
US based company with European based operations seeks channel partners to expand marketing and distribution of its information management software products that are designed and developed for blood banks, transfusion centres, hospitals, laboratories, etc. More

Infra-red 3D digital imaging, tomography and spectroscopy technology.
US based innovative start-up company is developing a unique 3D infrared digital imaging device for the early detection of breast cancer. More

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