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Specialty pharmaceutical and drug delivery company engaged in the research and manufacture of collagen-based technologies for local drug delivery, surgical implants, advanced wound care and oncology. More
Patented resin technology for the improvement of the delivery of medications transbuccaly and to the skin. More
Nordic Pharma UK is an affiliate member of the Nordic Group of companies. More
Foam products for Dermatology, Gynecology, Cosmetics, Wound Healing and more More
Healthpoint focuses on the research, development, and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter drugs, and medical devices worldwide. More
DFB, a specialty pharmaceutical company with expertise in liquid/semi-solid skin, soft tissue therapies, provides: branded products, outsourcing services, licensing opportunities More
VITRO-BIO invented the 1st Virus Glycoprotein Inhibitors to Prevent & Treat Viral Infections (Respiratory, Skin) & MMP Inhibitors to Treat Chronic Wounds (Bedsores, Diabetic & Venous Leg Ulcers) More
Development of antimicrobial medications for the topical treatment of infected wounds More
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