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Korea Health Industry Development Institute

Korea Health Industry Development Institute
KHIDI, provides various services on technology transfer. KHIDI will license and commercialise several technologies of KHIDI's client companies via collaboration with overseas partners.

The company in detail


Professional institute leading the promotion of health industry and the technological development for building up advanced nation in the field of Bio-technology in the 21st century.

• Established the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (Feb. 6, 1999)

• Designated as an organization evaluation health industry venture company (Small and Medium Business Administration)

• Designated as a R&D Management Institute (Health and Medical Technology Promotion Act, Act No. 6161)

• Designated as a "national health technology evaluation and transfer institution" (Ministry of Health and Welfare)

• Designated as a Good Manufacturing Practices education institute (Korea Food & Drug Administration)

Major Activities of KHIDI

• Development of Policy and Strategy for Health Industry Promotion

• Promotion of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

• Promotion of Food Industry

• Promotion of Medical Devices and Health Informatics

• Promotion of Healthcare Industry

• Quality Testing and Evaluation

• Research Planning and Evaluation Services

• Project for Commercialization

• Export Promotion and International Trade Cooperation

• Human Resources Development

Health Technology Transfer Center (HTTC-KHIDI)

• HTTC-KHIDI is a professional health technology transfer center established in Jan. 2001 as a platform for the circulation of health technology by providing various service on technology transfer, technology evaluation through the domestics and overseas network.

• HTTC-KHIDI is a subsidiary of KHIDI, which is a government-supported institute under the Ministry of Health and Welfare established for the promotion of health industry and public health.

Major Activities of HTTC-KHIDI:

• Technology Transfer to other countries: Providing opportunities for overseas technology transfer, strategic partnering and investment for the excellent domestic health industries

• Supporting Program for Patent Fee: Support patent process expenses of health technologies to promote the technology transfer and commercialization

• Company IR and Partnering: Provide opportunities for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, bio-clusters and investors from around the world to meet and network with potential business and technology partners, and to discuss business opportunities of mutual interests through one-on-one meetings.

Partnering strategy/interests

KHIDI helps its client companies to commercialize their technologies and products.

KHIDI seeks out business and license partners at various stages of early drug development with matching technologies to its client companies.


A Novel 3D Endoscrope & Microscope with Single Channel System More
Daurinol is a natural product isolated from the ethnopharmacological and a novel topoisomerase IIa inhibitor, having potent antitumor effects with low hematological toxicity More
Peptide molecules to specifically bind targets such as aptamer, avimer and kunitz domain have been intensively studied and developed as alternatives to antibodies. More
CILOTAX™ Drug Eluting Stent system is designed to treat coronary artery disease bu opening clogged arteris and restoring blood flow More
The composite materials of this technique can be applied to fill bone defect and replace, since they retain the excellent physical property. More
Diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disease caused by deficiency of insulin, displays a higher or lower level of glucose concentration in blood than normal range(80-120mg/dL). More
We have developed the tablet for suspension containing Amoxicillin and Potassium Clavulanate, equivalent to GSK’s Augmentin® Suspension, This product is much superior to the reference product in terms of stability during storage and don’t require stor More
Cytoplasmic Transduction Peptide (CTP) is one of the promising technologies possessed by Creagene. More
Dendritic cell (DC) generation and manipulation technology for the development of a cancer vaccine and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) therapeutics. Based on DC manipulating technology, Creagene is developing DC-based cancer vaccines against renal cell car More
The core technology of Dongguk University is to provide anti-vitiligo agents from bee venom. More
Development of Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications Using Ultrastable Supramolecular Interactions between Cucurbiturils and Their Binding Partners More
Diagnostic kit/antibody for Acute Myocardial Infarction More
Direct gene amplification using AnyDirect solution gives reliable results from crude biospecimens without DNA isolation or any instrument. More
Drug Delivery Technology Using CTP (Cytoplasmic Transduction Peptide) More
Spread of IAA in the face and then light LED light device(green light), activated IAA inhibit of sebum secretion, skin pore occlusion and have bacteriocidal effect. More
In order to, to achieve the most active action of body energy, it is known that pH of water-containing blood should be maintained at an alkaline of 7.35 to 7.45. More
Enhanced Delivery of nonsoluble drugs (Rapamycin) by V156K-apoA-I High-Density Lipoprotein More
Pepper is a is the most widely cultivated species occupying about 31% (ca. 120,000 ha) of total vegetable-cultivating area (386,000 ha in 2000 year) and are produced on about 1,735,650 ha in 2005 in worldwide, about 60% (1,040,140 ha) of which are grown i More
Human Rotavirus and Vaccine Composition Comprising Same More
Rotavirus is a major cause of diarrhea in infants and young children throughout the world. WHO has declared that the development of an anti-rotavirus vaccine is a project of the highest priority. More
The principle of Intra-Cavitary radiotherapy is that the sources are located proximal to the treatment target and deliver their entire dose within the tumor More
Hearing Aid Manufacturing Technology. Software program for digital hearing aid fitting purposes. More
Lotuzol is a new herbal drug composing water extract powder of Nelumbinis Semen to treat depression without sexual dysfunction, a major adverse effect in commonly used anti-depressants. More
Thus it has been pointed out that they have reduced sensitivity in the MRI diagnosis of cancer or other diseases More
Manufacturing High throughout Microarray System for Blood Bank Screening Product Development More
The main technology is based on the use of FPGA to process incoming data from the two cameras. More
Medical Image Processing Method for Blood Vessel More
The core technology enables the vascular angio unit with the features of furnishing the photography part taking the images of the blood vessels of a body More
Method for the Preparation of a Dermal Papilla Tissue Having Hair Follicle Inductive Potency More
Method for the Preparation of Dermal Papilla Tissue Employing Mesenchymal Stem Cells More
Heart failure is associated with cardiac hypertropy, atheiosclerosis, myocardial infarction, valvular heart disease and hypertension. Many researches has focused on development of cardiotonics for treating heart failure. More
MITI Systems has not only developed various prototypes of microneedles but also commercialized two types of polymer-based microneedle systems, Mi-Roll and Beauty Cap. More
Nanoparticulation Using Fat and Supercritical Fluid More
Neomics has found a very promising target, AIMP2/AIMP2-DX2 for siRNA therapy application to tumoric lung cancer cells and we intend to focus the remaining resources on developing through clinical trials, the siRNA therapy as a first priority More
Disclosed herein are a pharmaceutical formulation with high stability and dissolution, and a method for preparing the pharmaceutical formulation, More
Ph Sensitive Block Copolymer and Polymeric Micelle Using the Same More
Pin guide for avascular necrosis of femoral head More
The Perineometer is used to diagnose and correct urinary incontinence and female sexual dysfunction More
A Pulsimeter sensor using a hall device is characterized by comprising a skin-contacting part, formed with a magnetic material to be contacted to a skin to examine the pulse More
Radio Frequency Coil Unit, Head Fixing Unit and Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Having The Same for Use of Dental Clinic More
SABI contains high potency growth factor complex and is designed to re-invigorate human skin’s natural recovery function. More
A series of SynLeptin peptides, particularly, SynLeptin-2 shows remarkable anti-obesity activities which were verified in animal experiments using mice and rabbits. More
We have technology to produce chiral intermediates of high quality by biotransformation More
The payload molecules to be delivered can be spontaneously encapsulated inside the TSNP. More
In this system, a miniature magnet is implanted perpendicularly in the little gap or hole incised purposely on the tympanic membrane and after the magnet is fixed through natural healing of the tympanic membrane. More
The present invention relates to a urethra catheter, more particularly a urethra catheter which is placed within the bladder so that a patients urine can be easily discharged from the bladder More
Cancer immunotherapy using dendritic cells, and iii) Camel recombinant antibodies for FoxP3, Mucl & CEA. More

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Yong U KIM
Business Development Manager
Health Technology Transfer Center

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Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Osong Health Technology Administration Complex
187 Osongsaengmyeong2(i)-ro, Osong-eup,
South Korea

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Formed: 1999
Number of employees: 154

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