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Pharmalicensing - the leading global resource for partnering, licensing, and business development.

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Pharmalicensing is the leading global resource for partnering, licensing, and business development within the life science and biopharmaceutical industries. Our unique services complement and enhance business development activity throughout the deal-making process - from finding the perfect partner to closing the deal.


For licensors - we help innovators market their licensing opportunities to decision makers at licensee organisations worldwide, including bigpharma, biotech companies, spin-offs and academic institutions.

For licensees - we facilitate global pharmaceutical/ biotechnology companies, investors, and research organisations in identifying, tracking and securing of technology opportunities, actively communicating licensing needs, and forming better partnerships.

In addition, we offer a comprehensive partner search, providing clients with a bespoke prospect list of partner search companies entirely based on their partnering criteria. Following client approval this prospect list can then be converted to a ‘hot list' where we will actively introduce our clients, using the Pharmalicensing name, to one another to begin initial discussions.

For outsourced service providers - we market service providers, their skills and expertise to decision makers in pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies worldwide. This industry is becoming increasingly reliant on the expertise of third parties, in order to reduce the time to market and provide access to know-how worldwide.

Pharmalicensing provides a unique approach to business development:

  • Access to the largest business development community
  • A broadcasting platform used by over 190, 000 users per month
  • Direct to potential business partners
  • Comprehensive access to business intelligence resources

Listing industry news, timely biopharma reports and details of forthcoming licensing and partnering events, Pharmalicensing provides its users with the relevant mix of intelligence they require in order to strengthen and progress their business development activities further.


Powder spray providing a benign mucosal barrier over the entire throat, combating the reflux related symptoms of stomach acid and enzymes in the throat, utilizing a purified, organic, safe and effective natural compound. More
Our client is an academic institution that has developed a unique anti-microbial monocaprin emulsion with key cleaning solvent properties indicated primarily for the preparation and protection of food and cosmetics. More
Available in two small capsules, this treatment proves effective against ischemic heart disease and high cholesterol. More
This transbuccal (tiny spray on the inside of the cheek) nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is delivered rapidly into the bloodstream where it provides immediate relief from nicotine cravings. More
This unique therapeutic topical agent is capable of healing wounds/scars/burns and has many potential uses in the dermatological, dental and hospital/surgery market. More
Controlling excess bilirubin, SGPT and toxic effects, this treatment targets liver malfunction without the side effects More
ShieldSTAY is novel gonadal shield design which addresses many of the problems with current radiation shielding products, particularly for pediatric applications. More
Women’s health specialists have created a non invasive class IIa medical device for the successful control of stress related incontinence. More
Using a unique resin-based topical delivery system, this product provides more effective local pain relief and longer periods of sustained relief compared to existing products. More


Our analgesic specialists are seeking a new, innovative and novel patch product for the treatment of pain to add to their portfolio. More

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(5th Jan 2012) Tampa, FL -- (Business Wire) – January 5, 2012 – Innovaro, Inc (NYSE Amex: INV), a leading IP licensing and innovation services company, is pleased to announce that its client CUI Global, Inc. (formerly Waytronx) has completed the sale of selected patents More
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