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Founded as Cooke Engineering in 1952, renamed Dynatech Laboratories in 1968, and ultimately Dynex Technologies in 1996, the company has been a leading innovator in microplate analysis. In the 1960s, Dynex introduced the first disposable Microtiter® plate and system, developing disposable pipettes, plate sealers, and inoculators. In the 1970s, Dynex began to automate dispensing, diluting, and pipetting and introduced the first manual microplate ELISA reader and molded immunoassay microplates. In the 1980s, Dynex automated microplate reading, introduced manual microplate ELISA washers, and developed the first commercial microplate fluorometer and microplate luminometer. In the 1990s, Dynex went to market with the first contiguous ELISA processing system consisting of reader, incubator, multi-reagent dispense, and washer modules. In 2000, we introduced the DSX - a fully automated four-plate walk-away ELISA workstation.


Dynex designs and manufactures a full range of automated workstations, laboratory instruments, and associated consumables that enable scientists and clinicians to make breakthrough discoveries, earlier, more-accurate diagnoses and innovations to improve health outcomes and enhance life. The fully automated ELISA workstation includes the 4-plate system and 2-plate system.

The Semi-automated microplate instruments offered are Absorbance, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Multi-mode, The Ultrawash PLUS(TM)
The MRW(TM) platform, Washers and Opsys MW(TM). The insruments that are readers consist of MRX(TM), Spectra MR(TM) and TRIAD multimode reader, Opsys MR(TM) and MLX. Among the accessories and consumables, the company offers Microplates, Verification plates, Tips, tubes, and vials.

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DYNEX Technologies
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Virginia (USA)

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