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A Systematic Method for the Improvement of Protein and Antibody Stability More
Biochips for the Rapid Identification of Biological and Chemical Agents: An Analytical Laboratory on a Slide More
Bioengineering for New Medical Treatments: Nanofluids Tiny "Magic Bullet" May Help Treat Disease More
Bioengineering for New Medical Treatments: Protective Hypothermia Could Improve Odds of Surviving Cardiac Arrest or Stroke More
Development of a Bacterial Factory for the Production of Membrane Proteins More
Development of a New Protein Screening and Analysis Tool More
EcoNest: An Ecologically Based System to Enhance Research into Women's Health Issues More
Improved Anti-Scatter Grids and Collimators: New Fabrication Method Enhances X-Ray, Nuclear Imaging to Save Lives, Reduce Medical Costs More
Synthesis of Janusbodies: A Compact, Bivalent Designed Protein Consisting of a Dimeric Assembly of a Single Antibody Domain More
Three Dimensional Effusivity Measurements Predict Severe Radiation Skin Reactions More
Toroid Cavity Imagers/Detectors More

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