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CrystecPharma applies the latest supercritical fluid (SCF) technologies to improve the design and performance of medicines

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CrystecPharma provides particle and crystal engineering solutions to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, contributing to human health by enabling new and more effective therapies. This is achieved through the application of the latest supercritical fluid (SCF) technologies, and the integration of cutting edge developments in the field into our work.

Crystec's services include crystal form screening and particle design, addressing issues of poor solubility and stability, improved and new routes of delivery (e.g.inhaled/nasal) and improved performance in support of product lifecycle management (LCM) and product development programmes. Our technologies can be applied to small drug molecules and also to macromolecules in a range of dosage forms. We have enjoyed widespread success in the projects we have undertaken in these areas.

Our proprietary technology and extensive knowhow allow us to provide support in many areas, including:

- Crystal and particle engineering for targeted delivery and enhanced product performance

- Stabilisation and rapid reconstitution of biotherapeutics

- Uniform composite particles, for single particle combination therapies (attractive for co-deposition of API's in respiratory drug delivery) or for co-formulation with enhancer molecules (to facilitate membrane transport)

- Formation of pure metastable forms that have enhanced solubility and which demonstrate improved chemical and physical stability

- Faster onset of action

- Potential to reduce the dose with equivalent levels of bioavailability

- Improved inhaled / nasal delivery through optimised particle design

After an in-depth review with our clinical advisor and consultants we have various in-house and collaborative programmes underway to develop improved therapeutic products with a focus on meeting unmet clinical needs. Our current programme includes projects in malaria, fungal infections, endometriosis, COPD, dyslipidaemia and pain. 

Crystec is open to collaboration on product development, on a risk sharing basis, where appropriate. 

Partnering strategy/interests

Crystec engages in contract and collaborative research, as well as licensing products, proprietary technology and intellectual property in solid state pharmaceutical materials. We are actively seeking clients working with challenging large and small molecule therapeutics who are seeking to achieve improved bioavailability, enhanced stability or require a new route of delivery.

The Crystec team consists of the some of the world’s leading scientists in the field of supercritical fluid technology based pharmaceutics, including Professor Peter York. The team has more than sixty years of experience in the field.

Members of the Crystec team were responsible for the design and development of the world's first supercritical fluid (SCF) engineered drug, an inhaled fast-onset treatment for migraine, which recently filed its NDA and is expected to launch this year. This is a drug that was taken from an intravenous (IV) route of delivery to inhaled, with equivalent levels of activity using SCF processing.


Supercritical fluid crystal and particle engineering to form particles with strong aerodynamic performance and exceptional size uniformity for optimised pulmonary/nasal delivery More
Proprietary supercritical fluid (SCF) technology to improve bioavailability, enhance stability and optimise drug delivery for small and large molecules in a range of dosage forms. More
Improving the reconstitution and increasing the stability of biomolecules using supercritical fluid (SCF) processing More
Enhancing the dissolution performance of small and large molecules in a range of dosage forms More

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Miss Catherine Hunter
Business Development Manager

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Crystec Ltd
Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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Formed: 2007

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Drug delivery
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Accident and Trauma / Back Pain
Accident and Trauma / Stroke/traumatic brain injury
Metabolism / Weight loss
Allergy / Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
Allergy / Allergies (other)
Allergy / Allergy, ophthalmic
Allergy / Allergy, skin
Cardiovascular / Anticoagulants
Cardiovascular / Blood clotting
Cardiovascular / Anemia / Anemia, sickle cell
Cardiovascular / Anemia / Hemolytic anemia
Cardiovascular / Acute coronary syndromes / Angina
Cardiovascular / Cardiovascular disorder (other) / Diabetic cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular / Cerebrovascular disorders / Aneurysm
Cardiovascular / Thrombotic disorders / Pulmonary embolism
Cardiovascular / Thrombotic disorders / Thrombosis
Cardiovascular / Vascular / Atherosclerosis
Cardiovascular / Vascular / Hypertension
Cardiovascular / Vascular / Hypotension
Central Nervous System
Central Nervous System / Age-related disorders (other)
Central Nervous System / Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain management general
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, acute
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, AIDS-related
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, back upper/lower
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, cancer
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, chronic
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, inflammatory
Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, neuropathic
Central Nervous System / Psychiatric / Addiction
Dermatological / Acne
Dermatological / Actinic keratosis
Dermatological / Alopecia
Dermatological / Bacterial infection
Dermatological / Cosmetic procedures
Dermatological / Dermal ulcers
Dermatological / Dermatitis, allergic
Dermatological / Dermatitis, atopic
Dermatological / Dermatosis
Dermatological / Eczema
Dermatological / Hyperkeratosis
Dermatological / Ichthyosis
Dermatological / Impetigo
Dermatological / Keloids
Dermatological / Lupus
Dermatological / Male pattern baldness
Dermatological / Pruritis
Dermatological / Psoriasis
Dermatological / Scleroderma
Dermatological / Shingles
Dermatological / Ulcer, diabetic
Dermatological / Wound healing
Endocrinology / Amenorrahea
Endocrinology / Androgen deficiency
Endocrinology / Endocrine system
Endocrinology / Estrogen replacement
Endocrinology / Hormone replacement therapy
Endocrinology / Hypogonadism
Endocrinology / Hypothalamic
Endocrinology / Menopause
Endocrinology / Pancreatic exocrine insufficiency
Endocrinology / Thyroid disorders
Endocrinology / Thyroid disorders / Hyperparathyroidism
Endocrinology / Thyroid disorders / Hyperthyroidism
Endocrinology / Thyroid disorders / Hypothyroidism
Gastrointestinal / Appendicitis
Gastrointestinal / Cholangitis, sclerosing
Gastrointestinal / Colitis
Gastrointestinal / Colitis, ulcerative
Gastrointestinal / Constipation
Gastrointestinal / Diarrhea
Gastrointestinal / Dyspepsia
Gastrointestinal / Emesis
Gastrointestinal / Emesis, motion
Gastrointestinal / Esophagitis
Gastrointestinal / Flatulence
Gastrointestinal / Gastritis
Gastrointestinal / Gastroesophageal reflux disorder
Gastrointestinal / Gastrointestinal (other)
Gastrointestinal / Gastrointestinal secretions
Gastrointestinal / Inflammatory bowel disease
Gastrointestinal / Helicobacter pylori
Gastrointestinal / Irritable bowel syndrome
Gastrointestinal / Nausea
Gastrointestinal / Pancreatitis
Gastrointestinal / Ulcer
Metabolism / Cirrhosis
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Amenorrhea
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Contraception, female
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Dysmenorrhea
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Dysoplasia, cervical
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Endometriosis
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Female arousal disorder
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Menopause
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Pelvic inflammatory disease
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine female / Pregnancy
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine male / Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine male / Contraception, male
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine male / Male erectile dysfunction
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine male / Male Premature Ejaculation
Genito-urinary / Gender related medicine male / Prostatitis
Genito-urinary / Genito-urinary other / Candidiasis
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Diabetic nephropathy
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Diuretic
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Incontinence
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Interstitial cystitis
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Renal disease
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Renal failure
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Urinary incontinence/urgency
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Urinary tract disorder (other)
Genito-urinary / Urinary / Urinary tract infection
Hospital and Surgery / Bleeding
Hospital and Surgery / Fibrosis
Immune related disorders / Chronic fatigue syndrome
Immune related disorders / Gout
Immune related disorders / HIV/AIDS
Immune related disorders / Lupus erythematosis
Immune related disorders / Rheumatoid arthritis
Infectious diseases
Infectious diseases / Parasitic diseases
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Candida
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Cytomegalovirus
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Ebola virus
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Escherichia coli
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Haemophilus influenzae
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Hantavirus
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Helicobacter pylori
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Herpes simplex virus
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Human B19 parvovirus
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Human papilloma virus
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Parainfluenza virus (Type 3)
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Pertussis
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Salmonella
Infectious diseases / Bacteria or virus / Respiratory syncytial virus RSV
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Aspergillosis
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Bronchitis
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Candidiasis
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Chronic fatigue syndrome
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Gastroenteritis
Infectious diseases / Diseases / HIV
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Malaria
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Sepsis
Infectious diseases / Parasitic diseases / Infection, parasitic
Metabolism / Anti-oxidant
Metabolism / Cachexia
Metabolism / Diabetes type I
Metabolism / Diabetes type II
Metabolism / Diabetic complications
Metabolism / Hypercholesterolemia
Metabolism / Hyperparathyroidism
Metabolism / Hypertriglyceridemia
Metabolism / Liver cancer
Metabolism / Mineral supplement
Metabolism / Obesity
Musculoskeletal / Back pain
Musculoskeletal / Dyskinesia
Musculoskeletal / Gout
Musculoskeletal / Lupus erythematosis
Musculoskeletal / Intermittent claudication
Musculoskeletal / Muscular / Inflammation
Musculoskeletal / Skeletal / Arthritis (non-specific)
Musculoskeletal / Skeletal / Rheumatoid arthritis
Oral Health / Aphthous ulcers
Oral Health / Gingivitis
Oral Health / Gum disease
Oral Health / Herpes simplex virus type 1 (oral)
Oral Health / Mucositis oral
Oral Health / Periodontal disease
Other therapeutic / Chinese medicine
Respiratory / Rhinitis
Respiratory / Rhinovirus (common cold)
Respiratory / Sinusitis
Respiratory / Tuberculosis
Respiratory / Allergy, respiratory
Respiratory / Asthma
Respiratory / Asthma, bronchospasm
Respiratory / Bronchitis
Respiratory / Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Respiratory / Cough
Respiratory / Cystic fibrosis
Respiratory / Emphysema
Respiratory / Obstructive airway disease
Respiratory / Respiratory syncytial virus
Respiratory / Respiratory tract infections
Sensory organ
Sensory organ / Auditory
Sensory organ / Auditory / Otitis media
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Cataract
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Conjunctivitis
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Corneal ulcer
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Diabetic retinopathy
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Dry eyes
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Glaucoma
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Hyperopia
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Macular degeneration
Sensory organ / Opthalmic / Retinopathy

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