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Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.

Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.
Novartis Consumer Health is a world leader in self-medication products. The company welcomes the opportunity to review business opportunities for new products and technologies which bring innovations

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Novartis Consumer Health is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of self-medication brands.

Our Global business has a portfolio of market leading brands covering most OTC segments. The main therapeutic categories of these brands are analgesics, cough & cold, allergy, gastrointestinal, dermatological, smoking cessation and mineral supplements.

Among our key strategic brands are Excedrin (analgesics), Voltaren (analgesics), Nicotinell (Smoking Cessation), Prevacid (GI/heartburn), Theraflu (cough/cold), Triaminic (cough/cold), Benefiber (GI/fiber supplement), Otrivin (alergy/cold), Fenistil (dermatology) and Lamisil (athletes foot).

Geographically Novartis Consumer Health spans the world with operations in every continent, standalone businesses in over 60 countries and distribution in over 120 countries. Our capabilities also include the ability to provide coverage across multiple channels including pharmacies, drugstores, grocery & mass channel outlets, hospitals and doctors both specialists and general practitioners.

Our European salesforce has been voted "Best in Class" by independent pharmacists across 13 countries and Novartis is considered as a benchmark for OTC innovation. In the USA we have been proud to receive a number of Walmart vendor awards.

Within this strong brand framework, Novartis Consumer Health has developed a depth and breadth of experience which is second to none. Our focus is to be the best in bringing leading edge innovations to market ahead of competition. We seek to build on a strong record of Rx-to OTC switches and new product developments from simple line extensions to industry firsts in new technologies and superior deliver systems. Above all we wish to ensure that our innovations are consumer led and backed by a thorough and insightful understanding of our consumers across the world allowing us to deliver unique and appropriate benefits.

Novartis has a long established history of working in successful partnership with numerous technology and development companies around the world. Such partnerships have led to novel product offers in our leading brands including the first launch of an edible thin film product for systemic drug delivery. Our development experience also covers a wide range of dose forms including oral, orodispersible, topical, transdermal patches and gels/creams and nasal sprays.

Novartis Consumer Health is interested in discussing all new opportunities that have a potential to lead to superior consumer healthcare products and technologies including finished products, Rx-to-OTC switch candidates and topical, transdermal, oral and nasal delivery technologies with potential for OTC applications.

Additional Contacts:

Albert Ge, Associate Director, New Technology and Product Innovation, Novartis Consumer Health,Inc. OTC Research & Development

Praveen Tyle, Senior VP, Business Development and Licensing, Novartis Consumer Health, Inc. 200 Kimball Drive 07054-0622 Parsippany, NJ USA

Tel: +1 973 503 8000


Delivery technologies for oral, topical and transdermal products which could be applicable to the consumer healthcare arena More
OTC products ready for registration or in late stage development and molecules with Rx-to-OTC switch potential. More

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Joanna Zhang
Technology Management

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Head office

Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.
200 Kimball Drive
New Jersey
NJ 07054-0622
New Jersey (USA)

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