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NCEs, new patented formulations and products

Zambon Company SpA
Respiratory; women's care; dermatology; pain relief; GI

Full description

Zambon's Corporate Licensing Department is always actively looking for projects/products, also through synergistic collaboration, to implement the company's pipeline as well as partners to fully exploit Zambon project portfolio. Zambon's current strategy is to develop a portfolio of products that extends beyond an exclusive focus on ethical drugs, with an integrated product line ranging from classical ethical drugs to supplements and self-medication products, providing a complete "disease management" system. Main target diseases are all these illnesses that are primarily diagnosed by GPs or chronic pathologies that are followed by the GPs.

Development status

Phase I

Type of business relationship sought

Zambon's Corporate Licensing is looking for NCEs, new patented formulations and products for the treatment of:
* Respiratory
* Woman's Care
* Dermatology
* Pain relief
* GastroIntestinal Business relationship sought
* In-licensing
* Co-development, co-commercialisation, partnerships

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