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Seeking development opportunities with novel delivery technologies for oral, topical and transdermal products

Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.
Delivery technologies for oral, topical and transdermal products which could be applicable to the consumer healthcare arena

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Novartis Consumer Health OTC is a world leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution of self-medication. The company is interested in reviewing opportunities for development of novel oral, topical and transdermal technologies which can bring innovation to the consumer healthcare arena. Innovative benefits could include faster onset, improved efficacy, longer lasting, improved palatability, ease of use etc. Oral drug delivery.

• New formats

• Taste-masking technologies

• Novel excipients Topical/Transdermal drug delivery

• Improved systemic delivery - onset and efficacy

• Targeted local delivery

• Novel patch technologies

• Novel cream/gel/spray technologies

• Penetration enhancement

• Nasal delivery

Novartis Consumer Health OTC can bring significant development resources and experience to help bring superior new innovations rapidly to the market as a consumer healthcare product.

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Novartis Consumer Health OTC is open to discussions regarding collaborations including acquisition, licensing, co-development and co-marketing.

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Joanna Zhang
Technology Management

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Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.

Novartis Consumer Health is a world leader in self-medication products. The company welcomes the opportunity to review business opportunities for new products and technologies which bring innovations

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Central Nervous System / Pain / Pain, chronic
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Musculoskeletal / Skeletal / Rheumatoid arthritis
Respiratory / Rhinitis
Respiratory / Rhinovirus (common cold)
Infectious diseases / Diseases / Rhinovirus (common cold)
Respiratory / Sinusitis
Central Nervous System / CNS (other) / Smoking cessation

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