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Powder spray providing a benign mucosal barrier over the entire throat, combating the reflux related symptoms of stomach acid and enzymes in the throat, utilizing a purified, organic, safe and effective natural compound. More
This unique therapeutic topical agent is capable of healing wounds/scars/burns and has many potential uses in the dermatological, dental and hospital/surgery market. More
25mg dosage strenght for the OTC market in film coated tablets More
Adhesive patch containing and delivering essential and balsamic oils for the symptomatic treatment of the common cold and nasal congestion More
12,5 mg diclofenac K film coated immediate release tablets (OTC) More
Innovative chewable tablets iron based More
New pharmaceutical compositions for oral use containing diclofenac together with alkali metal carbonates and bicarbonates and particular flavouring substances. More
Using a unique resin-based topical delivery system, this product provides more effective local pain relief and longer periods of sustained relief compared to existing products. More
RapidFilm: The solution for dissolving oral doses More
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