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Cellophil™ is a platform of novel polymers based on amino-acid groups. The platform polymers show superior biocompatibility and can be loaded with drugs for controlled release. More
Our client is an academic institution that has developed a unique anti-microbial monocaprin emulsion with key cleaning solvent properties indicated primarily for the preparation and protection of food and cosmetics. More
Women’s health specialists have created a non invasive class IIa medical device for the successful control of stress related incontinence. More
Biotechnology Product for Wound Healing More
Compatible Permeation Enhancement Excipients: Enhancing Transmucosal and Transdermal Drug Delivery More
Topical anesthetic for long-term care market More
Novel Surgical Clips for Vascular Bypass and Tissue Grafts for Vascular surgery, vascular grafts, sutureless anastomosis and bypass surgery More
Prevents oral trauma to surgical or long term ventilated patients due to insertion of endotracheal tube; additionally this novel device is beneficial in endoscope labs for both bronchoscope and transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) procedures. More
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