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Generation of Haematopoietic Stem Cell Lines Bearing Altered Retinoic Acid Receptors: Study of Differentiation More
Preclinical Development of hGH XL: A Long-Acting Native Human Growth Hormone for the Treatment of Growth Disorders More
Assay for the Ubiquitination-Promoting Activity of Human Proteins: Elucidation of Compounds that Regulate the Cell Cycle More
Cloning of a Novel Human Haematopoietic Growth Regulatory Gene More
Novel Biodegradable Scaffolds for Cell Growth and Regeneration: Advanced Tissue Replacement Engineering More
Molecular Diagnostics to Identify Individuals with Inherited Lymphedema More
Transcription Factor Synthesis in Dendrites: A Role in Nuclear Imprinting More
Use of Methylthioadenosine Phosphorylase in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Proliferative Disorders More
Method for Synthesizing Novel Furanosteroids: Potential as Therapeutic Agents for Diseases Characterized by Rapid Cell Proliferation, including Cancer More
Novel Enabling Technology: An In Vivo Selection Method for Primitive Haematopoietic Cells More
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