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Cellophilâ„¢ is a platform of novel polymers based on amino-acid groups. The platform polymers show superior biocompatibility and can be loaded with drugs for controlled release. More
Proprietary supercritical fluid (SCF) technology to improve bioavailability, enhance stability and optimise drug delivery for small and large molecules in a range of dosage forms. More
Supercritical fluid crystal and particle engineering to form particles with strong aerodynamic performance and exceptional size uniformity for optimised pulmonary/nasal delivery More
Enhancing the dissolution performance of small and large molecules in a range of dosage forms More
Improving the reconstitution and increasing the stability of biomolecules using supercritical fluid (SCF) processing More
The antibody detects a protein of Candida famata and is useful for detection of candidiasis and retinopathies in samples from blood, urine, aqueous humour, vitreous humour, and cerebral spinal fluid without interference from other species of Candida More
5ml eye drops containing the active ingredient Brinzolamide are ready to out-license by Azad Pharma AG More
The main technology is based on the use of FPGA to process incoming data from the two cameras. More
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