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The IontoPatch® Drug Delivery Commercial Device Application of the WEDD® Technology Platform More
FortaFlex® Collagen Biomaterial Technology More
Pin guide for avascular necrosis of femoral head More
Method for Producing and Manipulating Intestinal Organotypic Culture More
Mouse Model of Malignant Hyperthermia and Associated Myopathy (RyR1 Y522S) More
Medical Devices for use in the Surgical Treatment of Hyperproliferative Diseases Affecting the Spinal Cord More
Development of a New Transgenic Model for Rheumatoid Polyarthritis More
Muscle Stimulation System: Exercise and Rehabilitation of Individuals with Neuromuscular Disabilities More
Novel Wound Healing Device: Physically Separating the Fistula from the Wound Bed More
Col2 Transgenic Rabbit: Understanding the Growth, development and Healing Mechanisms of Orthopaedic Tissues More
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