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The composite materials of this technique can be applied to fill bone defect and replace, since they retain the excellent physical property. More
Nucleic acids encoding human Cartilage-Derived Morphogenetic Protein-1 (hCDMP-1) variant polypeptides More
A tissue-engineered cartilage derived from a cellular composite made from a biodegradable, biocompatible polymeric nanofibrous matrix More
A novel, injectable biomaterial for the treatment of chronic back pain that replicates the bio-mechanical properties of a healthy nucleus pulposus More
This device allows for safe in situ exploration of myofascial pain biochemistry with minimal system perturbation. More
This technology offers an alternative means to generate collagen and gelatin which are traditionally derived from animals including cows, pigs and also cadavers. More
Mismatch-targeted transposition of Mu: a new strategy to map genetic polymorphism. More
Tissue engineered intervertebral discs comprising a nanofibrous polymer hydrogel amalgam having cells dispersed therein More
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