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Diclofenac potassium immediate release tablets 25 and 50 mg

APR Applied Pharma Research S.A.
25 and 50 mg diclofenac K film coated immediate release tablets

Full description

Our formulation in tablets has the main following marketing claims: - immediate release profile (Cmax in 22 min. compared to 50 min. of Cataflam) - regularity of absorption (reduced standard deviation); - Cost competitive manufacturing process (dry mixing for direct compression) The product has been already licensed out exclusively to Spirig Pharma AG for Switzerland and non exclusively for Italy to a local company as well as in New Zealand to the company Douglas Pharmaceuticals, inc..

The product is already approved in Switzerland and New Zealand where it has been already launched under the Brand Name of Inflamac Rapid and Oraflam respectively. An EU Standard CTD Dossier is available for submission and registration in Europe and elsewhere.

Development status


Patent information

The patent has been granted in the following countries: Europe, South Africa, New Zealand Australia and Poland. The Patent is still pending in the following countries: Argentina, Canada, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA.

Type of business relationship sought

Licensing agreements in available countries.

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