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Tension free vaginal support (TVS) medical device indicated for stress incontinence in women

Women’s health specialists have created a non invasive class IIa medical device for the successful control of stress related incontinence.

Full description

Our European based clients consist of a team of women's health specialists with clinical and technical expertise in medical technologies that have created a medical device specifically designed for the control of stress related incontinence. Based on similar scientific background used in the well known and commercially successful surgical TVT (Tension free Vaginal Tape) treatment, the product is a non invasive device to be used as a disposable or for short term use. The class IIa medical device, which is made of an elastic material is inserted by women into the vagina securely and is designed to prevent urinary stress incontinence by supporting the urethra through the vaginal wall.

The device has already been successfully tested in a small group of women sufferers, 90% of which reported leakage reduction and now it is ready to be developed further by a larger company addressing a potential market exceeding 50 million women world wide.


Development status

Early Stage

Type of business relationship sought

The client is either looking for a global partner to divest the product completely to or smaller or mid-sized companies who would be interested in taking the product to market on a regional basis.

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