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A compound that prevents biofilm formation

Inven2 AS
Anti-bacterial biofilm formation

Full description

The technology prevents bacteria biofilm formation on surfaces and microbiologically induced corrosion, by being antagonistic to bacteria communication (quorum sensing), which is crucial for biofilm formation. The chemical is non-toxic, cost effective, reduces the need for biocides and is far more specific and versatile than any other technology on the market today. 

The market for this type of technology is in several areas where biofilm formation constitutes a problem. 

The product is a compound that prevents biofilm formation and is more efficient than any other substance on the market today. Biofilm formation is a problem in many areas. Bacteria in biofilms behave differently from free floating bacteria and are more resistant to biocides. In sub sea installations, bacteria initiate marine growth on surfaces, and causes corrosion on metal (MIC). The technology is ideal for preventing both biofilm formation and microbiologically induced corrosion. Also it does not exert a selective pressure on bacteria, and thus not lead to resistance over time.

Development status

Early Stage

Patent information

Patent application was filed in October 2008.

PCT/EP2009/063210, WO2010/040839

Type of business relationship sought

Inven2 would like to continue development of the technology in collaboration with a commercial partner who has a practical need for this technology. 

Patent number

PCT/EP2009/063210, WO2010/040839

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