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Microneedle roller system for maximizing cosmeceutical’s absorption into skin_MiTi Systems Inc.

Korea Health Industry Development Institute
MITI Systems has not only developed various prototypes of microneedles but also commercialized two types of polymer-based microneedle systems, Mi-Roll and Beauty Cap.

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Stratum Corneum(SC), the outest thin layer of the skin, is the main barrier preventing cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals from being absorbed into skin. Microneedles make very tiny pathes in the SC. Therefore, cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals can be easily absorbed into the skin or delivered into the body through the pathes. The pathes are totally recovered in a few hours, so it is safe from infection.

MITI Systems has developed various prototypes of microneedles that were considered impossible to make with traditional manufacturing processes, to bring human to health, comfort, and beauty with a cutting-edge technology of microneedles. We successfully have produced disposable polymer-based microneedle systems that are not only as strong as the previous metal products but also cheaper than them. Now, we are manufacturing Mi-Roll, the polymer microneedle roller, and Beauty Cap, the polymer microneedle cap. These items can be used both for skin care and medical treatment. Mi-Roll and Beauty Cap are appropriate to a large area and a local spot, respectively.

We put our ceaseless effort to reach out to the global market with Mi-Roll and Beauty Cap and to develop next generation products. In the short term, we are developing a microneedle film, which is flexible enough to be used as a beauty mask or a transdermal patch. In the longer term, MITI Sytems aims to develop the microneedle drug delivery systems (DDS) and the micro diagnosis system. The microneedle based DDS can deliver various drugs, especially protein drug, gene drug or vaccines through the skin without pain. Through the micro diagnosis system, the process of diagnosis will be possible with only a small fraction of blood and become painless.

If pharmaceuticals are preloaded on a microneedle system, the FDA certification of the system is similar to that of a new drug. To save time and money for commercialization, we have produced microneedle systems as medical/cosmetic devices for now. We also approach the pharmaceutical markets with microneedle systems as devices. We are looking for partners of pharmaceutical/cosmetic companies who intend to apply our products to theirs. If they have their own concepts of microneedle systems, we can also give some solutions about manufacturing processes, even though the systems are preloaded pharmaceuticals.

 Technology  Platform

1.     Mass production technology using polymer molding

Mass-production at low cost with injection molding process

Made of biocompatible polymer

Micro-stamper fabricated with MEMS process

2.     3-dimensional sharp tip & strong shape

l  Sharp tip for low insertion force

l  Various shaft length for painlessness or effectiveness

Round base for strength

3.     Various types of polymeric microneedles

Development status

Early Stage

Patent information


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