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Immunohistochemistry-based prognostic test for colon cancer

Inven2 AS
Nuclear expression of B7-H3 has been identified as a powerful and specific prognostic marker for colon cancer. Immunohistochemical tests in clinical samples from curatively intended surgery on colon cancer patients will help the physician guide treatment

Full description

The product is an immunohistochemistry (IHC)-based prognostic test, to be performed on clinical samples obtained from curatively intended surgery of colon cancer patients. IHC-based tests are quite simple to perform and well established among relevant end-users (clinical pathologists). This test has an advantage compared to existing state-of-the-art staging methods in that it provides prognostic value beyond the purely anatomical TNM staging method. It is also cheaper and simpler to perform than alternative as yet clinically unvalidated biomarker test based on gene expression panels.


Validation of the biomarker in an independent set of colon cancer patients is ongoing. 


Development status

Early Stage

Patent information

Priority patent application US. The patent application claims diagnostic, prognostic and predictive uses of the technology.

Type of business relationship sought

Inven2 AS seeks a licensee of the technology.

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Mr Olav Steinnes
a.i. CEO

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Inven2 AS

Inven2 AS identifies, protects and commercialises inventions and discoveries of the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and other health enterprises in the south-east of Norway.

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