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CD147-based kit for isolation of activated regulatory T cells

Inven2 AS
CD147 as a highlt specific marker for the functional subset of activated Tregs

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Regulatory T cells (Tregs) constitute a sub-population of T lymphocytes that is subject to an intense interest in immunology and immune disease research. Activated regulatory T cells have been identified to have key roles in a number of diseases, such as chronic infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Researchers at University of Oslo have identified CD147 as a highly specific marker for the functional subset of activated Tregs. The isolation of live activated Tregs based on this marker will provide a novel research tool for researchers working with regulatory T cells. The technology also has a potential use for various clinical applications.


In the field of Treg research there remains an unmet need for an isolation approach which allows the specific isolation of activated Tregs. The CD147-based isolation kit described will satisfy this need and provide this technology to the international Treg research community. The proposed Treg isolation and enrichment kit will be a bead-based affinity enrichment assay, where activated Tregs cells will be positively selected by the use of an antibody directed at CD147. This will allow reliable and specific enrichment of the target cell population.

Development status

Early Stage

Patent information

Priority patent application protecting the use of CD147 for identifying, isolating and enriching Tregs. The patent application further claims diagnostic, prognostic and predictive uses of the technology.

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Inven2 AS seeks a licensee and commercial partner for product development.

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Mr Olav Steinnes
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Inven2 AS

Inven2 AS identifies, protects and commercialises inventions and discoveries of the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital and other health enterprises in the south-east of Norway.

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