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Novel anti-inflammatory compound with wound healing/anaesthetic properties suitable for a wide range of dermatological and dental applications.

This unique therapeutic topical agent is capable of healing wounds/scars/burns and has many potential uses in the dermatological, dental and hospital/surgery market.

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Our clients have discovered a pure therapeutic compound that when applied to a wound not only protects but shows signs of healing. The novel compound which has been patented shows no signs of toxicity and causes no allergies in human studies.

The topical compound has a number of potential therapeutic applications, including within analgesia, anaesthetics, wound healing, inflammation, burns, infectious diseases and dental applications. In addition to its dermatological uses, the compound could also be used as a healing/therapeutic agent in dietary supplements and veterinary products.

Our clients are now looking for a reputable pharmaceutical company with experience and expertise to develop and incorporate the compound into a suitable product, whether it be a topical cream, gel, lotion or a spray.


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Our clients are willing to discuss any partnership including licensing and acquisition.

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