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Cellophil™ Biomedical Polymers - New and superior biomedical polymers for drug delivery and new standards in the medical device industry

CIS Pharma - Chemisches Institut Schaefer AG, Switzerland
Cellophil™ is a platform of novel polymers based on amino-acid groups. The platform polymers show superior biocompatibility and can be loaded with drugs for controlled release.

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Current Developments

CIS Pharma has developed Cellophil™, a platform of novel polymers based on amino-acid groups. The platform polymers show superior biocompatibility in comparison to polymers currently used in biomedical applications such as PMMA, MMA, HEMA etc. Cellophil™ polymers are also designed for drug delivery. Cellophil™ systems can be loaded with active compounds with controlled release. Our current developments include: 

(1) drug delivery systems used in ophthalmology

(2) drug delivery systems used in dermatology

(3) novel intraocular lens and contact lens materials

(4) coating for drug-eluting stents

We continuously expand the Cellophil™ platform to discover new polymers with applications in the textile industry, semi-conductive industry, in orthopaedics, reconstructive and vascular surgery and as additive for food and cosmetics.


Full Description

CIS Pharma has developed and patented different Cellophil™ polymer structures based on amino-acids such as lysine, serine, tyrosine, cysteine, hydroxypoline and threonine, combined in different ratios with acrylics. Chemical and physical characteristics of the final product are controlled, such as hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, water content, porosity and pore structure, optical clarity, UV absorbtion, adhesive properties, surface texture, permeability and others.

Cellophil™ polymers can be heat sterilized. Whatever the composition of the Cellophil™ polymers, they are highly biocompatible.

Biocompatibility was initially shown by measuring the rate of cellular growth of differentiating fibroblasts. Cellophil™ polymers are superior to HEMA, PMMA, MMA and other commonly used polymers. Shown biocompatibility of Cellophil™ is as high as in collagen, the natural human polymer.

Safety studies included intradermal reactivity, hemolysing potential, cytoxicity potential, allergenic potential, hyperemia, haemorrhage, coagulation and thrombosis. All safety studies confirmed the biocompatibility of Cellophil™ polymers. Therefore Cellophil™ polymers create new applications of polymers as biomedical devices and improve the acceptance of currently used polymers in implants and medical devices.

A special focus of our approach is the use of Cellophil™ to deliver drugs to targeted sites. Drugs applied into the Cellophil™ systems may be charged positive or negative or can be lipophilic without charges. With a special technique we load Cellophil™ matrices and control the release of the compound.

Cellophil™ thermo-responsive polymers are a special group of polymers that are liquid at ambient temperature and solid at body temperature. The transition is reversible and the transition temperature can be controlled.

Cellophil™ thermo-responsive polymers provide a drug delivery platform for wound dressings with accelerated wound healing. Based on Cellophil™ thermo-responsive polymers CIS Pharma has developed a non-invasive drug delivery system to carry active ingredients from the conjunctiva to the anterior and the posterior chamber of the eye for treatments of uveitis, AMD and others.

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Patent filed, undisclosed.

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We are looking for licensing-partners interested in a collaboration in the described industry sectors and therapeutic areas.

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CIS Pharma - Chemisches Institut Schaefer AG, Switzerland

Drug Delivery Systems and Medical Devices Research

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