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Encased Stent, E-STENT (02-27)

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
An Endothelial lined Stent for Rapid Endothelialization and Preventing Restenosis

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encased stent

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Long-term protection against restenosis. An encased stent that discourages restenosis by having a homogenous endothelial cell lining along the inner wall of the stent.

Narrowing of the arteries (stenosis) is often treated by balloon angioplasty, where a balloon is inflated in the blocked segment of the artery to stretch the artery and flatten the obstruction in order to increase blood flow.  Angioplastied blood vessels and stented sites frequently experience a re-narrowing after angioplasty (restenosis).  One method of treatment to prevent restenosis is to mechanically hold the artery open with a stent.  While a stent may be effective in preventing restenosis, restenosis can nevertheless occur.

This invention is a novel e-stent that utilizes the body’s inherent anti-thrombogenic defenses to grow an endothelial cell lining along the inner wall of the e-stent.  This discovery effectively discourages restenosis in unbranched arterial segments.  The endothelial cell lining is coated on the e-stent either before the e-stent is placed in the vessel or the endothelial cell lining may be grown after e-stent placement.  The endothelial cells utilized to coat the e-stent may be genetically modified to enhance the growth of the endothelial cells into a homogeneous lining.

This e-stent employs a continuous lining, rather than a mesh, in order to have a homogeneous endothelial cell lining.  A multiple-layer polymer coatings, various anti-coagulant drugs, cell cycle inhibitors, and vascular endothelial growth factors are incorporated into the e-stent’s lining. The end result is a smooth uniform coating to support confluent growth of a homogeneous lining of endothelial cell linings within a short period of time, providing long-term protection against restenosis. 


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U.S. Patent #7,311,727

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