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Our profiling service maximizes your potential of finding the most suitable partner for your opportunities by targeting our focused global business development and licensing audience.

Medical Device Licensing provides a central meeting point for potential partners from all around the world. Whatever your licensing needs, your profile allows interested parties to contact you directly with solutions that match your needs.

Not sure which product suits you best? See our comparison table for more information.

As part of the subscription, you will be able to:

  • post detailed information about your company and its business development strategy
  • promote your in- or out-licensing opportunities, or services, through our fully categorised listings by sector, therapeutic target and disease
  • gain rapid promotion to decision-makers' desktops through our alerts and weekly newsletter
  • post press releases and updates to our audience
  • update the profile as your strategy evolves; you have full editorial control
  • feature placement of your company on the Medical Device Licensing front page
  • prominent placement of your company in our weekly newsletter
  • banner adverts for your company placed prominently within the weekly newsletter or on at your choice
  • should you wish we can offer you optional anonymity

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Increase your visibility by profiling on Medical Device Licensing.

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